Did you get a letter from the DEP ?

Don't Panic !

The NYCDEP has incorporated a new alert system that is distributing letters to properties with Backflow Preventers that their annual testing date is approaching. 

What's next ?

Since these letters are being sent as a proactive measure, the likelihood that you are in violation is low or non-existent. Email or call us so we can research your property to make sure you are in compliance. 

Contract for annual testing

A great way to avoid any violations or headaches from the DEP is to join our contract program.  As a DGM Industries contract holder, you can rest easy that we will always be a step ahead of the DEP enforcement. We maintain an extensive electronic database for all of our customers to ensure that we are capable of assisting you with any compliance issues or violations that you may encounter. 

Our Experience

Due to our decades of experience,  we suggest that you contact us directly via email or phone. 

Who We Are

History of Our Company

In 1932, our founder, Frank J. Misa, achieved the recognition as a Master of his trade and was granted a New York City Master Plumbers License #10993. He then embarked on his career and opened his own plumbing and heating business. 

Not long after, his father, George W. Misa, resigned his position as a Ship Fitter in the Brooklyn navy Yard, and joined forces with his son in the plumbing industry. This was the beginning of our family business, Frank J. Misa Plumbing and Heating. 

In 1962, Daniel G. Misa joined his father Frank, and began his career with the company. In 1971, he too received his Master Plumbers License ( #0025), and continued to evolve the family business, eventually renaming it Frank J. Misa & Son. 

In the early 1980's, a decision was made by Daniel to become a specialist in the Backflow Prevention segment of the Plumbing industry. He traveled across the country, attending various training programs on the west coast, as well as seminars with various manufacturers of Backflow devices. 

It was not until the late 1980's that the New York City Department of Environmental Protection  followed the Federal Clean Water Act, and established what is known today as the Cross Connection Control Unit. The Commissioner of the Department requested Daniel to be a participant in the Backflow Task Force, where he worked with Chief Inspectors, DEP Legal Dept. Staff, NYC Building Code officials for the next 5-10 years, laying the ground work for the current Backflow Prevention Initiative. 

It was necessary to educate the population of NYC about the Backflow Prevention Program, so New York University hosted the very first conference for this purpose. Various industries were invited, including Hospitals, Utilities, and Real Estate Owners. 

Being recognized as an expert in the field. Daniel was invited to be the Technical Presenting Speaker to introduce it to the general public. Along with manufacturers, Professional Engineers, NYC Dept. of Buildings, and the Director of the Cross Connection Control Unit, the attendees were educated on the new requirements set forth for the entire City. These Task Force forums were continued for many years after, in which Daniel was continually educating the attendees.

In the years following, the Commissioner of the NYC Building Department recognized the need for all Licensed Master Plumbers to continue their educational process and established the mandate that they all must attend a similar program every three years. Daniel G. Misa was requested by the Plumbing Industry to be their very first Technical Speaker for this requirement. The topic chosen at the time was "Backflow Prevention and the NYC DEP Compliance". Dan continued to present these seminars for the next 7 years. 

During these times, the fourth generation, Michael K. Misa, joined forces with his father Daniel and became an expert in the field of Backflow Prevention. Not long after, his sister Danielle M. Misa joined and company, and achieved her NYS Certified Backflow Device Tester License. To this day, both Michael and Danielle continue with their dad to provide this invaluable service to City of New York Property Owners. 

We are very proud of where we are today and will continue to provide the very best Professional services to our clientele. 

Thank You,

Dan Misa